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So much more than a door

Children are less enthusiastic about the outdoors, running, climbing and playing outside than ever before. The lure of screens and devices is huge. "Quality family time" has become hard to come by. This works because kids want to get involved, ultimately spending more quality family time together.

Family Time

With family time a child’s self-esteem is nurtured in a positive way. Family members feel important and loved when there are strong family ties.

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Get Moving

We know physical activities are great for the body, but what about your child's concentration levels, spatial awareness, stress relief and so much more?

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Researchers say that imaginative play is a crucial component of every child's development. But why are books and t.v. not enough to stimulate a child's mind?

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Dangerous Devices

Studies show that children living in Western countries spend on average a total of a full year in front of a screen by the time he or she turns seven.

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