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BonnieBonnie possesses a keen understanding of all kinds of water: lakes, rivers, oceans, and even ponds. She simply loves to be in or around water. That is where her strength and magic lie.

You will often find Bonnie, with her blue hair and sparkling blue eyes in her olive green suit, black tights, and green boots. She wears flowers in her hair, particularly water lilies and other water plants, to indicate her unity with underwater nature.

She will often hide just under the water’s surface, watching for those that do not look after water areas and plays tricks on them. With that she also rewards those that look after wetlands, the oceans and rivers with little special gifts. Her green wand helps her detect changes in water. It will flash and bubble when people are near too.

Even though she is Skyla’s best friend, she is far shyer. Bonnie is the most suspicious of humans, for she has seen how humans have mistreated and trashed water places in the past.

Skyla is still working on changing her opinion, but the problem is that once Bonnie has an opinion, it is hard to change her mind to another.

Water Fairy

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