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Ever wonder how to invite a fairy to your house or garden?

Fairy Folk are renowned to be shy and secretive but if you know how, it is possible to extend an offer of friendship in such a way that they show themselves to you (or at least they let it be known that they are there).

How to use a fairy door

If you are known to them to be kind, gentle, honest and a friend of fairies; they may from time to time come out into the open.  They usually start by visibly moving into an area.  For example, you may find sprinklings of fairy dust and often you could find a little stash of human treasures they have collected, like lost earrings, sparkly gems and buttons. If you are lucky, they would allow their fairy doors to be visible to the human world.

Create a quiet place, a little fairy haven

Fairy House

We have found that the best way to invite a fairy to your home, is to firstly create a beautiful space for them to live in.  Often a dedicated fairy garden works, or even a little girl’s bedroom lovingly decorated.

Create a fairy door for them to use

Red Fairy Door

Next, we recommend making a door that they can use to magically bond to their fairy portal.  They love pretty and handmade doors.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  They usually add their own flare to the door if they accept it.  Place the door in the quiet fairy haven you created for them.

Write them a letter

Letter to fairies

This is a step a lot of children forget. We have found that if you write the fairies a letter introducing yourself as well as asking them to move in, describe how much you love and appreciate them, then, they will often reveal their whereabouts the very next day.  Sometimes they write back, sometimes they don’t.  But most times they accept the new door on offer.

Be patient

Fairy Clock

After a little bit of time, sometimes overnight if you are very lucky, sometimes only days or weeks later they will magically bind their new fairy door to where they want to live (yes, they do move and alter doors).  This is the sign that they have accepted your offer.  Sometimes the door will disappear.  This means they have accepted your offer, but are too shy to show themselves.  Be patient and try again.  Remember that they are in our world all the time watching us.  They want to be sure of your intentions and these things can take time.



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