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Christmas Elf Door- Painted by order

Product Description

This beautiful door has been specially crafted with careful consultation with the Christmas Elf community. All the Christmas Elves agree that a traditional door with hand made wreath and gold trimmings is their favourite.  If you place one of these in your house,  they will use it as  a portal from Santa's village in the North Pole to  visit your house all through December.  (that's how the elf on a shelf gets in easily)

This door is larger than the fairy doors but still a small Little Elf Door.

It is hand painted by order so get them quick for the festive season.

Simply attached to your living room wall near the Christmas tree with double sided tape or tac and watch the match happen. 

What you get :

  • A hand painted wooden elf door (145mm x 98mm approx.)
  • A beautifully hand made Christmas wreath (55mm approx)
  • Gorgeous gold door handle with gold knocker and key
  • Christmas wood sign post 

Please note that our items are hand crafted and the colours sent to you will vary slightly (eg red ribbon instead of green or white, or slightly brighter red paint can be used; the images provided are simply a guide. Slight imperfections come with hand crafted items. 

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